The museum owns several objects from Porter's darkroom and printing room. Among these items are a 4-by-5-inch enlarger with pin-registered negative carriers, a film registration punch, and a densitometer used for making separation negatives. A box with sliding filter holders, made by Porter himself, accompanies the enlarger. The box sits on the enlarger baseboard enclosing the easel and is accessible through a sliding panel on the front. A second 4-by-5-inch enlarger, with pin-registered negative carrier and outfitted with a vacuum easel, was used for exposing dye transfer matrix film.

Equipment used for dye transfer printmaking includes register punches for matrix film and two transfer registration boards, one small and one large. The transfer registration boards have pins to hold the punched matrix film in place while it is in contact with the dye transfer paper. An earlier registration system, using a plastic blanket with thin registration buttons, is in the collection and is necessary to print some of Porter's earlier, unpunched matrix sets. Two matrix film washers, designed and fabricated by Porter, are also in the collection.