This online collection guide was assembled in conjunction with the exhibition Eliot Porter: The Color of Wildness. This in-depth assessment of the artistic legacy of photographer Eliot Porter (1901–1990) examines his central role in forging an acceptance of color photography and reveals how his work has come to define our view of the natural world. Drawn from the Amon Carter Museum’s extensive Eliot Porter Archives, the exhibition presents approximately 165 prints and related collection ephemera. Besides revealing the artist’s roots and working methods, the show analyzes Porter’s meticulous manipulation of color to express his emotional response to nature and his long-standing emphasis on producing evocative, multiple-print studies of diverse environments around the world. A superb eighty-five-plate catalogue, published by the Amon Carter Museum in conjunction with Aperture, accompanies the exhibition.

A variety of Porter-related merchandise, including the exhibition catalogue, is available online from the Carter’s Museum Store.

Traveling itinerary for the exhibition Eliot Porter: The Color of Wildness